Will You Repair My Covers

‘Will you repair my removals covers?’ is a very common question we are asked.

Let me state from the outset – it is company policy not to take on repairs to used removals covers.

That doesn’t mean to say that if we send you something that isn’t as it should be or fails in some way in the first 30 days or so we won’t sort it out – remember you have a ROQSOLID 30 day money-back guarantee on all our products.

What it does mean however is that if an item gets torn or damaged in the normal run of business and it has been in the field for more than a month or so and you contact us requesting a repair, we will have to politely decline.

It’s nothing personal – it’s simply that the factory have to comply with a number of health and safety and hygiene regulations that prohibit it.


Having said that, what we can do is provide a ‘patch’, a replacement buckle, webbing, zip or zip pullers for you to arrange to have the repair done elsewhere / do the the repair yourself.

I realise this isn’t ideal, but it is currently the only compromise we can offer.

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