Setting up a business is stressful and there are so many things to consider – all the while keeping start-up costs to a sensible level.

So a common question is ‘Which Removals Covers Should I Start With?”

We looked at various combinations of covers to try and find the combination that would provide the broadest range of protection for a variety of items.

And this is what we came up, our:

Removals Covers Starter Kit

Removals Covers Starter Kit

Made up of:

  • 2 X Armchair Removals Covers (DefendaGuard)
  • 1 X 3-Seater Couch Removals Cover (DefendaGuard)
  • 1 X 3-in-1 Mattress Removals Bag (Polypropylene)
  • 1 X Washing Machine Removals Cover (DefendaGuard)
  • 1 X 3-in-1 TV Removals Bag (DefendaGuard)
  • 1 X Standard Fridge Freezer Removals Cover Dimensions (DefendaGuard)
This starter kit will cover a variety of sizes of tv – 24″ to 56″, a variety of sizes of mattress – a single through to a king size and the washing machine cover is suitable for tumble dryers and dishwashers as well.
All the items other than the 3 in 1 mattress bag are made in DefendaGuard with the 3 in 1 mattress bag being made of heavy duty black polypropylene. 

Arguable there are any number of combinations that could be put together, but this is a great starting point in our experience. 

It is available HERE.
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