A common question we are asked is how to switch to reusable protective furniture covers specifically designed for movers and storers.

This is often asked because many operatives are so used to using plastic, bubble-wrap and blankets it seems a big financial stretch to completely kit out a van with reusable removals covers.

So we recommend doing it in stages – with the most commonly used covers coming first.

If you think about it, most households have the following:

  • a lounge suite
  • a mattress
  • a washing machine
  • a tv
  • a fridge

So we believe protection for these items is logically the best place to start.

Lounge Suite

Lounge suites are usually a combination of 2 armchairs and a couch. 

So naturally we recommend 2 armchair covers to start with.

The couch could be a 2, 3 or 4-seater (4-seaters are less common) so we suggest starting with a 3-seater couch cover as it can be used for both 2 and 3-seater couches with a bit of manipulation.


Everybody has a bed – or two – or more.

Instead of single purpose mattress bags we have devised a 3-in-1 mattress removals bag which will accommodate anything from a single mattress right through to a king size mattress.

A couple of these will be ideal but we recommend starting with at least one and building from there.

Washing Machine

Most modern homes have a combination of washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer and our washing machine cover can be used for any one of these.

We recommend one of these to start.


There are so many different sizes we again have designed a 3-in-1 tv removals bag that will accommodate anything from a 26″ right through to a 56″ tv.

We recommend one of these to start.


Whilst there are different sizes, the vast majority of households will have a standard size fridge.

We recommend one of these to start.

In Summary

The advantages of switching to reusable removals covers have been covered in previous articles.

To help you get started we have put a special ‘removals cover starter kit’ together which is available at a special introductory price HERE.

It is made up of the following:

  • 2 armchair removals covers
  • 1 3-seater couch removals cover
  • 1 3-in-1 mattress removals bag
  • 1 washing machine cover
  • 1 3-in-1 tv removals bag
  • 1 standard fridge removals cover
We are confident this will get you off to a great start!
Protective Furniture Covers
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