DefendaGuard Removals Covers

It’s no secret that the removals business is competitive and you need every ‘edge’ you can get. DefendaGuard removals covers can give you that edge.

DefendaGuard removals covers not only keep your customers’ valuables protected, they are a fantastic marketing aid because they help you visually demonstrate how well you are going to look after your prospects’ / customers’ goods.

This can be very persuasive when presenting a quote to a prospective customer – even the deciding factor when they are comparing quotes.

Look, anybody can offer to do it for the cheapest price but that makes the assumption customers don’t care how their goods are looked after during the move – as long as it’s cheap.

We both know that’s nonsense.

Customers want to know their goods are being handled with care, are well protected and the people doing the move are taking every precaution to ensure nothing gets broken or damaged.

DefendaGuard removals covers will give them that peace of mind – in spades. Not only that, you will look the professional, caring company you are with your personalized covers and bags doing all the ‘image’ work for you.

Your customers will love having their possessions protected professionally by reusable removals covers and bags. Not only do they protect better than paper, plastic and the cheap blankets, reusable removals covers also help protect the environment from unnecessary plastic waste so you are ‘seen to be green’ as well!

So why not make an investment in your business today?

Your customers will love you for it!

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