Overseas shipping is available on all our removals cover products.

We ship ‘Ex Works’ which means we do NOT collect tax, duty or any other ‘landed’ cost when you purchase from us.

We have adopted this approach because of the incomprehensive complications around vat since the UK left the EU.

It is easier for you to pay the tax and duty when the consignment arrives, than for us to collect it and attempt to report same.

We also don’t want customers to be charged twice which, until the system is ironed out, could well happen.

This is no different to every other country around the world (outside the EU) so makes sense to us.

Shipping is calculated during checkout based on cart contents and there is a shipping estimator available in the store so you can check the cost prior to placing your order.

We have negotiated excellent rates with a courier who is reliable, however a bit slower than some would like.

That’s the trade-off – VERY expensive speed or affordable reliability – we’ve chosen the latter to keep costs down for you.


We do NOT provide the board inserts when shipping removals covers overseas to keep shipping costs affordable.

There is also a small reduction in price of those products we normally put boards in, as a result.

What we WILL do is provide the dimensions of the board inserts for the various  covers you purchase so you can get them cut locally which is MUCH cheaper than the cost to ship them.

Please request a quote using our online quote form HERE so we can quote you excluding boards and get an accurate shipping cost for you.

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