A Tongue In Cheek Look At ‘Cheap And Cheerful’…

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It’s no secret the world has changed. Container loads of what used to be cheap and cheerful imported goods are now no longer that cheap. In fact, in certain industries, prices of imported goods are pretty much on par with those manufactured in the UK in many instances but without the consumer protections and easily … Read more

Can I Wash My Removals Covers?

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Removals covers can get grubby so a question we are frequently asked is ‘Can they be washed?’ You could theoretically put some of the small appliance covers in your washer at home (eg: microwave bag , small tv covers and bags, perhaps even the washer cover would go in (take boards out of course!). Be … Read more

Removals Covers As A Marketing Tool…

Removals Covers Knowledge Base

It’s no secret that the removals business is competitive and you need every ‘edge’ you can get. DefendaGuard removals covers can give you that edge. DefendaGuard removals covers not only keep your customers’ valuables protected, they are a fantastic marketing aid because they help you visually demonstrate how well you are going to look after … Read more