Can I Wash My Removals Covers?

Removals covers can get grubby so a question we are frequently asked is ‘Can they be washed?’

You could theoretically put some of the small appliance covers in your washer at home (eg: microwave bag , small tv covers and bags, perhaps even the washer cover would go in (take boards out of course!).

Be careful however – the PowerGuard felt inner is like a sponge and will absorb and hold LOTS of liquid so don’t knacker your washer up! If in doubt, try one of the ideas below.

To remove surface dirt and grime on the outside, the outer nylon layer can be simply wiped down, sponged or scrubbed with soap and water.

But what about the inside?

Interestingly enough some removers have told us they ‘Powerhose’ their covers from time to time – particularly through the summer season when they can leave them outside in the sunshine to dry.

Hanging them over a frence / wall also helps speed up the drying process. Smaller items can obviously be put on a washing line but you be the judge.

DefendaGuard with its lining inner layer will naturally dry more quickly than the PowerGuard version with its felt inner layer. Perhaps another reason to choose DefendaGuard in the first place?

We hope this helps – if you have any other questions please contact us.


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