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Removals covers, logo's, websites, apps, plastic bags, boxes, marketing, social media ... with all the stuff you have to think about running a business, when do you have time to look for a business 'edge'?

We all know that to succeed, companies need to find a way to stand out - to differentiate themselves from the competition.

But finding a unique way to do that can be tricky...

Here's how DefendaGuard removals covers can help you overcome a number of problems removers commonly experience...

When the tired old marketing and advertising "tricks" fail it can leave you feeling very frustrated, wondering whether to spend even more time and money having another go.

That's not unusual - it's what happens to most people...


Perhaps you've been racking your brains, been working on it for months. Or perhaps you don't know where to start and have been looking everywhere for inspiration. 

Months of unproductive brain-sweat trying to figure out how to magic up a bright idea to help you stand out from the crowd can be exhausting.

And to do it without spending a fortune on what could be 'waste of money' advertising, sometimes feels impossible.

But it doesn't have to be with DefendaGuard Reusable Removals Covers.


Introducing: DefendaGuard Reusable Removals Covers

Our simple solution to help you stand out from the crowd is just a few clicks away.

With DefendaGuard Reusable Removals Covers you can start differentiating yourself from the competition - immediately.

Including DefendaGuard Reusable Removals Covers in your marketing means you’ll soon be marketing - like a pro.

Nobody wants to see ‘more of same’ when it comes to advertising – particularly not customers looking to make a wise choice.

Customers want something that catches their attention – that they can ‘hang their hat on’ to help them make a decision.

So why not give you and your customers the benefit of a shortcut and make their decision to do business with you a ‘no brainer’?

Get Our Of Rut

Get out of the marketing rut and get amazing results, including:

✅ Make your company easily identifiable to customers by personalising your covers with your logo.

✅ Save time and money by using reusable covers instead of disposable plastic – plastic you need to purchase over and over again.

✅ Immediately set yourself apart from the competition so you can do what you do best - protect customer valuables and do it in style.

With DefendaGuard you'll be doing 20% of the work and producing 80% of the results because they are so easy to use. The age-old 80 / 20 principle.

That's why we put together a comprehensive, UK made reusable packing range:

  • to help you stand out from the crowd
  • get more customers
  • and if you haven’t used them before – get started on the right foot

DefendaGuard Reusable Removals Covers will save you time, effort and money from the moment you start using them.

If you want to take this marketing shortcut and get an 'edge' on the competition, then you need to take action.

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